Monday, 17 July 2017

Naughty Passengers

Man Attempts to Open Door Midflight
At Depth Travel, we have heard our fair share of unruly passenger tales. This week however, we have added a new to our list of memorable moments.

A man traveling on an Air Asia flight in India Monday had to be restrained by crew members and other passengers after he attempted to open the door of the plane midflight.

A 32-year-old man was on Air Asia Flight from Delhi to Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi when he reportedly attempted to open one of the emergency doors.

Members of the flight crew and other passengers were forced to restrain Ahmed and eventually handed him over to the police in Ranchi after the plane landed safely.

Several passengers and attendants were injured in the scuffle.

Airlines serving India have faced similar issues in the past as well. In April, a passenger was tied to his seat while traveling between Delhi and Dubai after he became violent. Unruly passengers are not just confined to Asia, either, as a reportedly drunk passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight in June had to be tackled by crew members and secured to a seat with zip ties after he locked himself in the bathroom and refused to leave.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

A New 'First' for Delayed Flight Excuses

A Penny for Good Luck

Working at Depth Travel, we have heard all the excuses you can imagine from airlines whose flights are delayed - 'operational issues', 'bad weather', 'plane is delayed at their last departure'. However, this is a first for us and we feel pretty sure you've never heard of anything like this either.

China Southern's Flight 380 to Guanzhou was delayed at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport on Tuesday by coins that had been thrown at the engine.

It seems that an 80-year-old woman wanted to make sure that the flight would be a safe one.

So, in a Buddhist tradition of which I'd been hitherto unaware, she wandered onto the tarmac and tossed the coins with uncertain accuracy. It seems that only one coin managed to get into the engine. Eight more failed to hit their target.

How, though, did anyone find out? After all, a recent United flight almost took off with fuel pouring out its left wing.

It seems that an alert passenger noticed her ceremonial pitching and reported her.

150 passengers had to be led off the plane, while airline workers tried to extract the coin from the engine and retrieve the others.

I tell this story only to offer a little succor to those who suffer flight delays all over the world.

Sometimes, there's really nothing the airline can do. Sometimes, it really is something you could never, ever have imagined.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Fly First Class with British Airways to the UK or Europe for less than $10,000

 Behind the Curtain: Flying First Class

Book with Depth Travel and secure just released First class airfares to the UK or Europe from $9,260 flying British Airways.

This price point is not only very attractive to our regular clients who fly first class, but also to anyone who is looking for a chance to splash out within means.

Of course, it always best tor try before you buy, which is why we have taken a look behind the curtain to find out what it's like to fly with the airline at the front of the plane. From massages to afternoon tea, see what sets British Airways apart.
  1. Extra Luggage - includes one cabin bag plus a laptop or handbag on board and up to three bags in the hold (that's two more than in World, or Economy).
  2. Once you arrive at the airport, First Class fliers can skip most queues.
  3. First customers relax in luxurious lounges before they travel.
  4. The departure lounges are fully stocked with fine wines, drinks, and refreshments.
  5. In case the lounges don't leave First passengers relaxed enough for their flight, spa treatments are also available.
  6. After boarding, First passengers are shown to their own private, spacious suite and greeted with a pre-flight glass of Champagne.
  7. Each suite is fully equipped with a personal power supply for laptops and electronic devices.
  8. For longer flights, First and even Business Class passengers (pictured below) can turn their seats into lie-flat beds.
  9. Perhaps one of the best perks of First is the food and drink offering.
  10. For those left wanting more, First Class passengers also have access to a private 24-hour concierge.

Flights are on sale now until 05 July 2017 for travel dates between August and September.

Contact Depth Travel to book or to find out more information. 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Festivals of the World with Depth

For many of our clients, travel is an everyday aspect of business. But when it's time to wind down, travel also provides the ultimate escape and at Depth Travel we are committed to delivering unique and memorable experiences.

Forget La Tomatina in Spain, St Patrick's Day in Ireland, or Oktoberfest in Germany. Instead, discover the lesser known festivals that are really capturing the world’s attention and our clients' interests.

1. Taiwan - Pingxi Lantern Festival
It's a festival that witnesses thousands of sky lanterns light over Pingxi District in Taiwan. It was originally celebrated to ward of evil and disease from the town. The Taipei Pingshi Sky Lanterns were released originally to let others know that the town was safe. These lanterns are decorated with wishes and images relating to the owner and finally they're released off into the sky together magically decorating the sky into a sanctuary of lights. 02 March 2018.

2. South Korea - Mud Festival 
A South Korea cosmetics company developed a line of beauty products which featured mud from the Boryeong mud flats as a main ingredient. Since the company couldn't be bothered to spend money on commercials, the Boryeong Mud Festival was born so potential customers could feel the benefits of the special mud firsthand. In case you attend and get bored of the mud slides, mud prison, mud pools, and mud skiing, you can enjoy live music, acupuncture, and the festival's culminating fireworks display. 21 - 30 July 2018. 

3. India - Holi Festival
Holi is a spring festival also known as the festival of colours. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which starts with a Holika bonfire on the night before Holi where people gather, sing and dance. The next morning is a free-for-all carnival of colours, where everyone plays, chases and colours each other with dry powder and coloured water, with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight. Anyone and everyone is fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. Groups carry drums and musical instruments, and go from place to place, singing and dancing. 01 - 02 March 2018

4. Thailand - Songkran Water Festival
The Thai New Year festival falls on some of the hottest days in Thailand, and people celebrate by throwing water on each other, using water guns, buckets, hoses- whatever they can get their hands on. Sometimes chalk or menthol (the latter causes a cooling sensation) is mixed into the water to create a paste which people smear on each other’s faces for good fortune. Elephants can also be seen walking around and splashing off water jets at people! 13- 15 April 2018. 

5. Italy - Carnival of Venice 
The tradition of carnival dates back over 900 years. It was the one time during the year when there were no bounds. Everybody was free to do things desired all year without any guilt thanks to the masks. During the carnival, Venice comes alive with masked Venetians and tourists. Bands,jugglers and entertainers are everywhere and the canals are full of colorful boats. The nights are also full of parties and masked balls. It gives you a feeling as if fairy tales are coming alive! 27 Jan - 13 Feb 2018.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Fly Business Class to Europe with Finnair for $5000 return!

Fly to 34 Destinations in Europe
Finnair has recently released Business Class fares for $5,000 return to Europe on the Airbus A350 WXB. This fantastic airfare allows you to fly in or out of 34 destinations within Europe with a stop in Finland via Hong Kong or Singapore.

Finnair is the first European airline to introduce the new generation Airbus A350 XWB extra wide-bodied aircraft on its long-haul flights. Check out their video to discover the new Finnair Airbus A350 XWB for yourself, or contact Depth Travel to book your seat now.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Tigerair Releases $1 Airfares for Flights Across Australia

Better than Slippers...The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift
For less than the price of pyjamas, you could be spoiling your mum with return flights to Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere that takes her fancy! Just in time for Mother's Day, Tigerair has just released tens of thousands of $1 flights in a flash sale. A total of 14,000 domestic flights on each of Tigerair’s 22 routes have been slashed in the snap sale, launched at noon on Wednesday.

Flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, Coffs Harbour, Townsville, the Gold Coast and the Whitsundays are covered on selected dates between July and September.

Of course, like all headline-grabbing promotions, there is a catch. The $1 fare is only available on return trips, with passengers required to book a full-fare ticket for the first leg of their journey.

“If you really look at it, it's just like buying at a 50 per cent discount,” aviation expert Neil Hansford told, describing the deal as a clever marketing ploy.

While many of the $1 flights require travellers to fork out more than $100 for their first leg, there are some bargains to be found.

Among the best deals are Gold Coast-Sydney for $59 outbound, $1 return and Brisbane-Sydney for $75 outbound, $1 return.

Extra charges that may apply include baggage over the included 7kg carry-on, in-flight meals and credit card fees.

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Friday, 5 May 2017

What types of cruising are right for you?

The ABC’s of Ocean Cruising

Ocean cruising has seen a dramatic increase in popularity with passenger numbers nearly doubling in the last 10 years. While it’s fairly common to hear cruise ships rated similarly to hotels, in terms of five star ratings, in truth they fall into four distinct categories: luxury, niche, premium and mass market.
At Depth Travel, we are committed to delivering truly unforgettable experiences. For our clients, we know what each person is different and their holiday ought to be as well. Which is why, picking the right category is the first step to an exceptional experience in ocean cruising.

Luxury Cruise Ships
These luxury liners of the sea tend to be very small. Typically, they accommodate no more than 1500 passengers and will be on a fully inclusive or semi inclusive arrangement.

A fully inclusive arrangement provides for a complete meal and drinks package, including spirits,, onshore activities and, depending on the grade of cabin, butler service too. By providing a selection of activities, these luxury liners allow you to tailor your holiday to better suit you.

A semi inclusive arrangement is more limited than the above all-inclusive service. Alcohol may be limited to just beer and wine or may only include non alcoholic drinks and on board time may be less, which means no excursions are included. Of course, semi inclusive arrangements have an option to add on those extras that you may wish to prepay.

Cruiselines which fall into the category of Luxury would include, Happag Lloyd Oceania, Paul Gaugin, Ponant, Regent, Seabourn, Sea Dream, Silversea  and Windstar.

Niche Cruising 
Niche cruising is designed for a specific type of traveller. Whether adventure, archaeology or river cruising, Niche Cruising has a trip for you and a ship to make it happen.

Niche cruises operate all over the world. They can accommodate for groups as small as 10 to as large as 500. Niche Cruises can encompass a range of ships from the luxury to the basic and can include ships that have suites, balcony, oceanview and inside staterooms. In general, niche cruising will include excursions as by their very nature, these cruises are truly specialised.

Ships embarking on an adventure cruise for example are equipped to go into areas which may preclude the normal cruise ship such as the Arctic. Cruise ships entering this remote part of the world require special ice breaking capabilities.

Cruise lines included in this category include: Happag Lloyd, Hurtigruten, National Geographic Orion, Noble Caledonia Silversea, Swan Hellenic, Voyages of Antiquity, Voyages of Discovery and UN Cruises.

Premium Cruise Lines
Premium cruise lines offer a luxury quality but without the add ons. A great example of a cruise line in this category is Cunard. The Cunard ships are luxurious in terms of suites and staterooms but they generally do not include perks such as open bars, or free minbars in staterooms and speciality restaurants come at extra cost. Premium cruise lines also offer a great selection of shore excursions, in addition to your cruise fare. They do tend to vary in size and can accommodate anywhere from 600+ passengers to 3000+ passengers.

Cruise lines included in this category include: Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, Holland America, P&O, International Princess, and Viking.

Mass Market Cruise lines
As the name suggest, Mass Market ships home the masses, accommodating a full house of 2000+ passengers. The designers behind these giants of the sea are relentless in their pursuit to prove ‘bigger is still better’. Presently, we are seeing ships capable of carrying 5000+ passengers.

Along with the desire to build ever bigger ships comes a need to be able to entertain those numbers, so cruise companies have had to get innovative. Royal Caribbean has been on the forefront of innovation and design for these mass liners . Not content with swimming pools and bingo groups, the Royal Caribbean have outdone themselves (and their competitors) with ice skating rinks, bumper car arenas, observation towers and water-ski simulators just to name a few. Traditionally ships in the category will also provide a number of different types of restaurants which again are charged extra to the cruise fare. Also a choice of popular excursions that can be booked on board or prior to boarding the ship.

Cruise lines included in this category include Carnival, Costa, Norwegian, P & O Australia, Royal Caribbean International and Star Cruises.

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