Monday, 3 July 2017

A New 'First' for Delayed Flight Excuses

A Penny for Good Luck

Working at Depth Travel, we have heard all the excuses you can imagine from airlines whose flights are delayed - 'operational issues', 'bad weather', 'plane is delayed at their last departure'. However, this is a first for us and we feel pretty sure you've never heard of anything like this either.

China Southern's Flight 380 to Guanzhou was delayed at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport on Tuesday by coins that had been thrown at the engine.

It seems that an 80-year-old woman wanted to make sure that the flight would be a safe one.

So, in a Buddhist tradition of which I'd been hitherto unaware, she wandered onto the tarmac and tossed the coins with uncertain accuracy. It seems that only one coin managed to get into the engine. Eight more failed to hit their target.

How, though, did anyone find out? After all, a recent United flight almost took off with fuel pouring out its left wing.

It seems that an alert passenger noticed her ceremonial pitching and reported her.

150 passengers had to be led off the plane, while airline workers tried to extract the coin from the engine and retrieve the others.

I tell this story only to offer a little succor to those who suffer flight delays all over the world.

Sometimes, there's really nothing the airline can do. Sometimes, it really is something you could never, ever have imagined.