Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Animal Encounters

Recently a client return from Africa, and had quite a few tales to tell of their close encounters with animals in the wild!  It made me think of the Elephant who made headlines world wide for his too-close-for-comfort encounter with an unlucky Volkswagen driver.

We need to remember that animals in the wild are just that, "wild" and need our respect and caution when we are in their territory, well and depending on the destination, sometimes ours.

A few years ago I did a small expedition cruise with my daughter kayaking, hiking and exploring the Inside passage and Glacier National Parks of Alaska (which I can recommend to anyone). I remember seeing instructions on how to deal with a Bear if we came across one (which I did many times, though not on foot thank goodness).

One thing that stood out was the difference in how you even hike in different countries. In Australia it is all about keeping quiet when hiking, so we can see that kangaroo, koala or bird. In Alaska it is all about making noise so the Bear is not put it in to fright - fight mode.

One thing I love about travelling is the wonderful stories and exciting experiences we have along the way that can be told for years to come.

One of my Travel Talk Radio sessions I did one week was about this exact subject. If you want to listen click on the link. 612abc brisbane - Animal Encounters

What wild animal experience have you had, a few of mine are below:
  • Charged by an Elephant whilst hiking through the Okavango Delta, Africa. 
  • Charged by a hippo on the Zambezi River, a very common occurrence for most. 
  • A near miss with a whale in Alaska 
  • Bitten by a dolphin in Tahiti, and still have a small scar to prove it.
  • A bear "poo" encounter in Alaska 
  • Jumped at and hugged by an Orangutan in Thailand, whilst everyone else got a hit over the head.
  • A big sloppy kiss from an Elephant in Thailand 
  • ​Being watched by a bunch of baboons whilst showering naked in Chobe (that feeling of being watched!) 
  • A friend had her bikinis stolen by monkeys at Chiefs Camp in the Okavango Delta​ (ended up high in the tree with no hope of retrieving) 
  • Camping through Africa, thought this was a good spot, next morning woke to a massive Elephant poo right next to the Tent! 
We love hearing peoples travel stories, what interesting experiences or encounters with wildlife have you had whilst travelling?